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June 2nd, 2007

b00_diddleh @ 07:35 pm: I wrote this this morning
Well its the morning after I drank 2 of those big fucking Lambrini bottles. Those things are almost the size of me...
I feel fucking horrible. Just spewed my guts out in the bathroom and kitchen. Threw up the entire Asian meal I had last night, and my belly is still not appeased. My farts are pretty horrific too. My poor parents... my poor insides!
Why do I always do this to myself? Its only when I feel hungover that I feel like not drinking again, which is bad lol. I really wish I could feel like this all the time...
My drinking has got me into loads of very embarrassing situations. Just last night I was turned away from Wetherspoons for being too drunk (which I was). The man said it was the way I approached the pub, plus because I smelt of booze =(

I hate alcohol, I really fucking do!

Current Mood: discontentdiscontent

June 12th, 2004

drunk24 @ 04:22 pm: Escaping From The Cult of AA
I just joined a new group at groups.yahoo and definitely one worth checking out, it looks interesting, well centered and intelligent.

To subscribe to it go to:


drunk24 @ 03:26 pm: Alcoholics Anonymous as a Cult

drunk24 @ 03:23 pm: 12 step horror stories/Resisting 12 step Coercion

12 step horror stories:


Resisting 12-Step Coercion:
How to Fight Forced Participitation in AA,
NA, or 12-Step Treatment


drunk24 @ 03:19 pm: More revealed
More Revealed: A Critical Analysis of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve Steps (aka "the real AA)


drunk24 @ 03:16 pm: Alcoholics Anonymous - cult or cure
Check this out, you can read the entire book online, providing more sleepless nights for you and many more questions:


drunk24 @ 03:11 pm: An excellent site
This is one of the first sites I hit when I started to deprogram from Alcoholics Anonymous. This site was one that I would stay up until 3 am reading and shaking my head the entire time. I couldn't believe what I was reading. After nearly 30 years in the cult, I knew that I had been duped.
I would leave AA shortly after this (3 years ago) and I have never looked back.


drunk24 @ 06:32 am: Sober24
Sober24 is a community for people who are struggling with alcohol and drug issues, or maybe you aren't, maybe you've decided that you are okay just the way you are and you are going to get on with your life and don't feel a need to "fix" it anymore. You DON'T have to belong to a 12 step program to fit in here, in fact we welcome a diverse view on recovery/drunken options.
We welcome ALL views and welcome all people, including people who choose abstinence, controlled drinking/drug use, people who have been hurt in 12 step programs, people who have thrived in 12 step programs and anyone who has tried anything to make their lives better.
Feel free to duke it out here, no matter what your views are, hate AA? go for it baby!
Love AA? believe that Bill Wilson is a prophet? bring it on!

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