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drunk24 @ 03:11 pm: An excellent site
This is one of the first sites I hit when I started to deprogram from Alcoholics Anonymous. This site was one that I would stay up until 3 am reading and shaking my head the entire time. I couldn't believe what I was reading. After nearly 30 years in the cult, I knew that I had been duped.
I would leave AA shortly after this (3 years ago) and I have never looked back.



Date:April 9th, 2008 12:43 pm (UTC)


I spent all my childhood in orphanages (Catholic) where I was overloaded with fear & guilt. It took me many years to process my feelings associated with the traumatic elements of my past. “Salvation” for me only came with the progressive relief of my past history.

AA reinforced the damnation of fear & guilt. Initially one comes into AA & ones fear is increased (DRUNK A LOGS), but ones guilt is diminished – “It’s not your fault it’s a disease. There is nothing you can do about it. You will die unless you believe”.

Slowly one is BRAINWASHED & reaches a point of proper desperation, one is made to feel guilty & then hands ones power over to god – AA. Ones motivation then is not primarily by guilt, but by fear.

When one has been in AA (for a while) & has been “god controlled” (brainwashed), through guilt, one uses guilt to PASS THE MESSAGE (manipulate others).

If one stops going to meetings, one feels guilty. One often hears other Steppers saying, “I need more meetings”. “I need to do the Steps”. One has been driven into the DAMNATION of guilt – fear.

The process never ends, one has sold ones soul to Satan – AA. The only way out is through the saving grace of our Lord & Saviour, JESUS CHRIST.
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